Sprinkler Valve Replacement

One of the common repairs that we at My Irrigation Now do is replacing sprinkler valves. These valves are responsible for the water flow that goes between the pipes and your sprinkler heads so they are a crucial part of ensuring that your sprinkler or irrigation system does not waste any water.

We know that it can be difficult to discover if there is a problem with your sprinkler valve and once you do, you have to find the issue and repair or replace it. Our team of irrigation professionals has years of experience in the field and we can use our knowledge to help you replace your sprinkler valves efficiently.

Common Symptoms of a Malfunctioning or Broken Sprinkler Valve

Irrigation and sprinkler valves are the heartbeat to any irrigation system. They are used to control and regulate the flow of water for your home’s irrigation system. My Irrigation Now can inspect your valves and provide a free estimate for sprinkler valve repair.  A broken or leaking drip irrigation or sprinkler valve is a common issue. Some common symptoms of a malfunctioning or broken sprinkler valve are:
  • Continuous running of water even when timer/controller is off
  • Water will not turn on
  • Excessive water or puddling around valve area
  • Larger than normal water bills
  • Constant wet areas in landscape
We are your DFW experts on all aspects of irrigation and sprinkler valve repair, service, and installation. Let us visit your home to properly diagnose any valve problem you may have and offer the best course of action to ensure your sprinkler and drip irrigation system is operating at their best.