Drip Irrigation System in Dallas, TX

My Irrigation Now provides Drip Irrigation System installation in and around Dallas to help improve water efficiency and improve the quality of your lawn. We understand just how important conserving water while irrigating your lawn can be. Not only is it in your best interests to use minimal water and help the environment, but many areas are limiting the amount you have access to in an effort to save water during times of drought in the area. One of the best options for people who want to limit their water consumption while keeping their yard green is a drip irrigation system, because it won’t use any extra water and will have very minimal water waste, helping the environment and your pocket book.

What is Drip Irrigation ?

Drip irrigation is a system of valves, tubing and emitters that allows water to drip slowly at the root zone of each plant. These systems are efficient because they water only the root zone and eliminate run-off, water waste, and excessive evaporation. Various sizes of emitters, including multi outlet emission devices, allow for the application of different gallons per hour in order to match a plant's water requirements. Emitter size can be increased as a plant grows or plugged if a plant dies or no longer needs supplemental irrigation.

Increase Irrigation Efficienty

One of the biggest benefits you will notice if you let our team at My Irrigation Now install a drip irrigation system is the improvement in terms of water efficiency mentioned above. That is because the drip irrigation system doesn’t produce runoff as it only uses the water that you need. In addition, because the water is introduced at the root level, there is minimal evaporation directly from the soil or leaves, which is a common with other systems in the hot Austin climate. The fact that the water goes right to the roots also means that your plants will have excellent root activity, making it easier for them to grow.

The lack of runoff also means your lawn will have less standing water which in turn means fewer mosquitos or other pests. All you have to do is contact My Irrigation Now and our team of professionals will install your drip irrigation system allowing you to see the benefits right away.

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