Drainage Install and Repair in Dallas, TX

My Irrigation Now is licensed, in both residential and commercial sites, to install Dallas drainage systems. These systems can range in technique from surface drainage to sub-surface drainage, and may include the use of catch basins, channel drains, French drains, and/or sub-surface drains with sump pumps.

DFW's irregular rainfall is a major concern when it comes to drainage. Months of drought can suddenly transform to 4-inches of rainfall overnight. If your home isn’t equipped to handle the water run-off, flooding and drainage problems can quickly ensue. We understand drainage issues present unique challenges at every home and we are prepared to offer a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Having designed and installed drainage systems at thousands of homes and commercial sites in the Dallas TX, and surrounding areas, we have the experience to provide solutions to any drainage issues without installing any adding materials or components that a property won’t require.

This approach, along with the volume of drainage work we perform allows us to be one of the most competitively priced drainage solution companies in our area.
Some of the drainage techniques we use include:

  • Gutter to Subsurface Drains — A drain that connects to the gutter downspout. When buried in-ground, this type of drain will use water leveling to drain the water out of a pop-up head. When used above ground, this method can provide a cost savings.
  • Catch Basins — A drain that is placed at a low point and lets water run in. It usually has a grate or filter to keep debris out. An underground pipe drains to a lower point in the yard with natural run-off.
  • Dry Creek Beds — Some drainage issues can be corrected without using any piping. A dry creek bed uses a graded rock path to provide aesthetic, functional drainage. Their versatility and effectiveness make them a popular choice.
  • Above Ground Drains — If cosmetics are not an issue, a cost efficient method to controlling the water can be achieved with an above ground drain. Not having to bury the drain presents the customer a significant cost savings.

Whether you’re considering an above ground drain or a dry creek bed, My Irrigation Now can provide a solution that meets your specific drainage needs.