Backflow Prevention in Dallas, TX

We are proud to be among the leading sources for backflow prevention in Dallas, TX, and we have accomplished this by staying true to our original goals. We can clean and repair your backflow device in most cases, meaning there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to replace it.

Not sure which backflow device you should be using? We will be happy to advise you regarding the appropriate backflow device to install based on the site conditions and the contamination hazard involved.


We install several different types of backflow prevention devices on commercial and residential properties.  The devices are required by law on all Sprinkler Irrigation System, indoor non potable piping and fire suppression systems.

Need Backflow Repairs?

Leaking backflows are one of the most common problems for commercial and residential properties.  We will repair or replace your leaking valves, clean any foreign material in backflow device and replace any damage seals. We take pride in being a consistently professional and efficient backflow service provider. Customers can feel safe and secure, knowing that My Irrigation Now technicians are highly trained and certified in all manner of commercial and residential scenarios.