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Irrigation Installation and Irrigation Repairs

All new installations are warrantied and guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. We only use quality parts and brands. All new installations include a design and irrigation permit with the corresponding city or county. Call or text for a free estimate.  


Since 1995, we’ve made a name for ourselves with expert sprinkler repairs. How? Since we know that a broken sprinkler head is often an indication of a bigger problem, we offer much more than just a quick fix. 

Drainage Solutions :
French, solid, sump pump, and grading.

A properly designed drainage system provides the following advantages:

  • Helps to prevent soil erosion in and around your home’s foundation
  • Prevents standing water which causes slippery surfaces
  • Prevents mosquito infestation
  • Protects plants and trees, helping them thrive
  • Prevents your landscape from drowning

 We rely on science  when it comes to drainage systems. When designing and installing your drainage system, we will determine:


  • Where excess water is coming from
  • How quickly the water needs to flow away to avoid flooding
  • Whether a sump pump or gravity is necessary to draw water away
  • If the drains should be installed at or below the grade
  • What type of drain will be most effective

Sod installation & Landscape design

We know that landscaping adds value to your home and we are happy to help with that.  Our team can help you design the yard of your dreams, and on top of that we can do a start to finish installation of all the plants, trees, and sod. 

Synthetic Turf & Mini Golf Puts

Entertainment with family and friends is an important part of life,  our mini gold puts are made of synthetic turf and add value and fun to your back yard. We also specialize in installing synthetic turf for a low maintenance and water conservation option.

Hardscape, Pathways, & Driveways

Back yards were made for enjoyment, My irrigation now can install patios, patio extensions, stone and concrete path ways, and driveways. Our concrete team is ready to give you a free estimate and make your vision a reality. 

Why My Irrigation Now

With us you get quality first, we pride ourselves in quality first above all else. Doing things diligently and correct the first time around. 

MIN is insured, bonded, and loved by many in the DFW area. 

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